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Our project would never be this, what they are (or will be) without some user support. As an end user, you are also a co-developer by helping us with bug detection, writing tutorials and advices, sending new ideas or even your own code snippets.


Do you want to contribute to Invenzzia projects? This article is for you.

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For our open-source projects we provide a free public technical support.

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Visit our discussion board to discuss about Invenzzia projects and get the community support.

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If you think you have found a bug in our projects' code, you can report it on the project issue tracker hosted on Github.

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The source code of our projects is maintained by a version control system called Git. Here you can read about our repositories and how to obtain the development sources from them.

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Our wiki is a community-driven resource base for all our open-source projects. Feel free to explore the tutorials and code snippets and use them in your projects.

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The Invenzzia Devblog is a place, where we publish less formal information about our projects' development.

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