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If you think you have found a bug in our projects' code, you can report it on the project issue tracker hosted on Github.

How to use the bugtracker?

  1. Bugs can be reported by everyone who has a Github account.
  2. Every project uses its own bugtracker available in the project Github repository.
  3. If it is possible, the report should contain a standalone test case that is ready to run. This will speed up reproducing the bug on our computers and creating the patch. If we cannot reproduce the bug, probably it will not be fixed.
  4. Include the information on used project and PHP versions, as well as other libraries.
  5. Please describe the expected behaviour and the actual result.
  6. Include the full error message, if it is provided.
  7. Please provide in your ticket as much information as you can. Step-by-step guides and source code allow us to reproduce the problem.
  8. The report must be written in English.

Remember to hide all the security-related pieces of code from the task description, like passwords, server paths etc. for your own safety. Once we close the task, we cannot edit it anymore!

Legacy bugtracker

Between 2008 and January 2011, hosted its own bugtracker under Due to the fact that the used software seems not to be maintained any longer, we decided to shut down it. The bugtracker is still available as an archive of the old bugs, but it must not be used to report the new ones! Please use the Github repositories instead.