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Do you want to contribute to Invenzzia projects? This article is for you.

How to contribute?

Everyone may be a contributor. You do not need any special skills, except the basic knowledge on the tools we are using :). If you are good at programming, you might want to help implementing new features or fixing bugs. Obtaining your own working copy is very easy, as well as publishing your patches on-line in bugtracker, wiki or discussion forums. Other forms of contributions, like creating extensions or writing articles on the wiki are also welcome.

I have fixed a bug/implemented a feature. How to publish it?

Make a diff file (aka patch file) and publish it on the forums or bugtracker for the public attention. If it really works or it is good enough, we will include it into the "main" source code.

The bigger submissions can get our help, when it comes to the version control. Just contact us or wait for an e-mail from us, and we will discuss the details.

How to become a developer?

The only way to get there is constant activity: publishing patches, submitting bug reports, writing articles. A good developer must know well the project he or she is developing and by these activities you increase your chances to obtain an SVN account and get to the Invenzzia member list :).