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The source code of our projects is maintained by a version control system called Git. Here you can read about our repositories and how to obtain the development sources from them.

What is a version control system?

It is a tool that helps maintaining the source code by a group of programmers. It can be seen as a three-dimensional filesystem, with an extra dimension, time. VCS keeps all the versions of the files and the submissions of particular programmers (called revisions), moreover it stores the information about changes, and automatically merges the programmer's work with the copy in the repository, preventing accidental deletions of other programmers' submissions.

Our Git repositories

Since June 2010, Invenzzia uses Git as its primary version control system. Git is a distributed and very efficient system originally developed to maintain Linux kernel source code. Our repositories are hosted at Github:

It serves both as a hosting and an on-line repository browser.

How to use?

The key benefit of Git is its distributed nature. There is no so-called 'central repository' (although in our case the Github accounts work in this way). At any time, you can simply clone one of our repositories and start developing it yourself. You do not need any permissions or special access. Your repository can be published in some other location and if we find the changes interesting, we can simply pull them into our repositories.

You can read more about Git and Github here and here

Legacy Subversion repositories

Between 2008 and June 2010, Invenzzia used Subversion as a version control system. The legacy repository is still maintained under and (on-line browser). However, please note that most likely it will not be updated anymore.