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Our wiki is a community-driven resource base for all our open-source projects. Feel free to explore the tutorials and code snippets and use them in your projects.

Who can contribute to wiki?

Wiki contributions are available for everyone who have an account on our discussion board. The registration is fast and free. If you already have an account on our discussion board, you can use the same login, password and session settings to log into the wiki.

How to write something?

Just type an URL to a non-existing page on your web browser. You will be prompted to create a new article. Do not forget to link it somewhere on the menu pages and categorize it, so that other users could find it! Editing existing pages is even simpler - just click the Edit button above the page content.

The wiki is driven by MediaWiki software, the same that runs Wikipedia and basically uses the same text formatting language. More help can be found on the Wiki Community Portal.

What can I publish there?

Some suggestions:

  1. Your tutorials.
  2. Your tips and tricks.
  3. Your code snippets.
  4. Information about new extensions, patches etc.