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About SVN

If you want to get to know how to use our SVN repositories, read this article.


Please DO NOT use any trunk version of our projects in production environment! Code in trunk is under heavy development with experimental functionality and features and may not be even intended to work correctly.

What is SVN?

Learn more in this article.

OPL Repository

The OPL SVN Repository is a little bit different than classic SVN repository. The files are splitted into two parts:

  1. /components - here we have all files grouped by library. Each library has separate trunk, tags and branches, so we can develop them independently.
  2. /releases - with the snapshots of public packages.

The first one is for people who wish to develop and extend the library, the rest should refer to /releases. For example, if you want to check out the OPT 2.0 package branch with all the dependencies, use the link

Remember to download your copy from /releases with enabled option for downloading externals! Without it you will get only a directory structure without any library file.

Other projects

Other repositories use the classic SVN repository structure with trunk, tags and branches.