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Open Power Template

Open Power Template 2.0 stable

The 2.0 branch is considered as stable.


This is an archive release. Download the recent version to have your project up to date!

Changelog for 2.0.1

  • New function: cycle()
  • New attributes: opt:dynamic, opt:attributes-build, opt:attributes-ignored
  • Implemented #102
  • Instructions and data formats do not have to have classes beginning with Opt_Instruction_ and Opt_Format_
  • New configuration option: defaultFormat
  • API improvement: Opt_Caching_Interface::templateCacheStart() may return a path to the file to include.
  • Fixed #97
  • Fixed #100
  • Fixed #105
  • Fixed #106
  • Fixed #107
  • Fixed buggy implementation of opt:dynamic
  • Fixed small problem with opt:block (the block declaration was not popped from the stack)
  • Small fixes in the compiler that could potentially cause problems
  • Removed unused processor Cycle
  • New unit tests, code comments and documentation updates.

Detailed SVN log