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Open Power Template

Open Power Template 2.0 stable

The 2.0 branch is considered as stable.


This is an archive release. Download the recent version to have your project up to date!

Release notes for 2.0-BETA3

The users of the previous beta releases should be aware of the two possibly quite significant changes:

  • The entity handling has been changed. In the new version, only the special XML characters are replaced back to the entites in the output, whereas other entities are converted to the corresponding characters on the server-side (like in XSLT). To print an entity in the output, we have to use the new entity() function.
  • The default data format has been renamed to "Array". If you used the "Generic" format explicitely in your script for some reason, please remember to make an update.

The section and data format implementations went through significant and deep implementation changes to fix some annoying bugs and design problems. Fortunately, your scripts should not be broken by these changes, as the end-user API and template syntax is still the same (except that it may work better in some cases :)).