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Open Power Template

Open Power Template 2.0 stable

The 2.0 branch is considered as stable.


This is an archive release. Download the recent version to have your project up to date!

Changelog for 2.0-RC2

  • Enhancements:
    • New functions added: containsKey() and scalar().
    • Improved stripWhitespaces implementation.
    • Added support for modifying variables via data formats.
  • Fixed:
    • contains() function work correctly for scalars and objects.
    • Fixed problem with the decorated Objective format and sections.
    • opt:dtd now works with stripWhitespaces and does not allow to add multiple DTD-s.
    • Fixed strip() function.
    • Assignments to sections item variables are allowed again.
    • #83, #85, #86, #87, #88, #89.
    • Various other fixes.
  • Documentation updates.

Detailed SVN log