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TypeFriendly 0.1 stable

The developing 0.1 branch of TypeFriendly.


This is an archive release. Download the recent version to have your project up to date!

Changelog for 0.1.3

  • Updates and fixes in user manual
  • New Features:
    • Anchor linking in chapters
    • New tags: "File", "Files"
  • Enhancements:
    • Many minor fixes in output design
    • "build" in CLI now reports progress of each output by displaying dots after parsing each chapter
    • #92 - SeeAlso now uses "ShortTitle" tag
    • "title" HTML attribute in links now uses chapter number and "ShortTitle" tag
    • Some PHPDoc blocks in code
    • Code cleanups
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Updated (by Invenzzia) PHP Markdown parser to fix bugs with HTML in blockquotes
    • TypeFriendly now works with relative paths
    • #90, #91

Detailed SVN log