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The Team

A word about the current members of Invenzzia.

Currently, there are three of us. We all come from Poland, so please do not be confused if you have problems with reading our names. :)

Tomasz "Zyx" Jędrzejewski

The leader of the group. He is an active member of Polish PHP world. He wrote more than 40 articles and tutorials about this language. He was a developer of well-known (at least in Poland) Open Power Template library. In the team, he develops the libraries and the essential core parts of various projects that are not always visible to the end user. He has a wide IT knowledge, from programming, to the operating system design and network administration. Currently he studies computer science on AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. He is also an author of popular Polish blog "Dzienniki zyxowe" available at (it includes some information in English, too).

Jacek "eXtreme" Jędrzejewski

Before the team formation, he created from scratch a website which he manages also today. In the team, he is responsible for XHTML/JS/CSS layer, user interface and GUI programming (also in PHP). Moreover, he takes care of our website and forums. He is an active contributor to Open Power Template project, where he brought a lot of ideas and fixes. Recently started working as a contributor to Diem (CMF/CMS based on symfony framwork). He studies computer science on Cracow University of Technology.

Radosław "radzio" Piekarz

A creator and administrator of popular and awarded footbal blog His interests include Web 2.0 issues, the development of database systems, AJAX technology, programming and Internet communities. He is responsible for planning internet sites. He studies computer science on AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and writes a blog

Amadeusz "megawebmaster" Starzykiewicz

Under construction.

How to join?

See Contributing.