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Going to Git

  • Published on 17 June 2010 06:34:00 GMT, updated over 6 years ago by Tomasz Jędrzejewski
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So far, Invenzzia has used Subversion as its version control system. However, in the last month we decided to change it to Git and move the repository hosting to Github. In the last days, the process of moving has been finished and now you can join the project development much easier than before.

Our Git repositories are located under the following addresses:

The legacy Subversion repositories will be still maintained and available under the same addresses, as before, but most likely they will not be updated.

In order to create an account at Github, you do not need any permission from our side. You simply clone one of our repositories and start coding. You can also create a Github fork where your will be able to store your changes so that they would be easily tracked by us. If we find them interesting, we can always merge them into our copy, as in Git, there is no such concept as so-called 'central repository'.

Invenzzia website repository

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