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  • Published on 1 April 2009 13:31:15 GMT by Jacek Jędrzejewski
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One again I can say it is true that temporaty solutions can be really solid. About one year ago we created our first website for Invenzzia Group. Very simple, even ascetic - however, it became quite uncomfortable in maintaining and managing the articles and texts. We hope that this new website will be more accessible and simpler in use.

Let us take a look at the menu items that can be found under the logo. The first button are News. You can read our news archive there and look for a particular item using tags and monthly archives. The next button, Invenzzia, contains some information about the group. Later, you can find out, what we are currently working on. The Projects button gives you a simple access to our project list, with all the necessary information, FAQ-s, resource links, news. You can also view there the project status, if applicable. On the Community page, there are described our community tools, like the bugtracker, discussion forums or Subversion repositories. Resources would satisfy everyone that uses one of our projects, because this is a set of articles, FAQ-s and other useful stuff. Please note that the greater, community-written help base can be found also on wiki. At last, we have Download, where you can download the new releases from.

The website runs on Symfony framework and Doctrine ORM.

Invenzzia website

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