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Open Power Autoloader

  • Published on 23 July 2011 10:26:20 GMT by Tomasz Jędrzejewski
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The new version of Open Power Autoloader is available to download. It brings three new class loaders, and a completely rewritten toolset which should be now much easier to use. The library can be downloaded here. The bugs and other issues can be reported on Github.

The users of the previous releases are encouraged to read the release notes before downloading the library, because the toolset API has been changed. If you are using the class loaders only, you should not be affected by the modifications.

projects release Open Power Autoloader 3.0.3

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    #1 mario over 4 years ago Reply to this comment

    Case-insensitive class names

    That's quite encompassing. While I see that the dreaded PSR-0 was a design goal, can any of the classloaders be made PHP-compliant? In PHP identifers are supposed to be case-insensitive. And it seems unreliable to me that an autoloader (intentionally or due to unawarenaess) breaks that behaviour (and then only for the first instantiation). Couldn't the map based autoloader at least be made language aware?