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Open Power Template 2.0.6

  • Published on 3 September 2010 07:31:22 GMT by Tomasz Jędrzejewski
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Invenzzia Group is proud to announce the availability of Open Power Template 2.0.6. This is a bugfix release that fixes four bugs. It is available in our Download page and the changelog is available here.

Please note that this is the first release after our migration to Github, so it is not available via SVN. However, if there will be enough interest, we will try to make it available there, too.

Open Power Template 2.0 projects release

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    #1 Clemens over 5 years ago Reply to this comment

    Open Power Template

    normally i'm working with zend framework and zend_view... the problem for my designers is the missing intellisense for the view helpers...
    is there an XSD for open power template?.. actually that's the only reason why i want a template engine in pure xml... intellisense...


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      #1.1 Zyx 11 days later

      Re: #1

      No, we don't have an XSD yet - one of the users began writing one, but for unknown reasons he stopped. However, we plan to write the official XSD for the future releases. I don't know if it will appear in 2.0.7 version, because there is very little time, and we are currently going through a reorganization process.