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OPL for Zend Framework port 0.1.0

  • Published on 10 August 2009 18:39:00 GMT, updated over 7 years ago by Tomasz Jędrzejewski

Invenzzia Group announces the availability of OPL for Zend Framework port 0.1.0. This is the first public release of this port that simplifies the integration of Open Power Libs (primarily Open Power Template) with Zend Framework by Zend Technologies USA Inc. The port can be downloaded from our download page. Below, we provide some information about the project.

The port simplifies the integration of OPL with Zend Framework. It does not only provide the basic wrapper, but also extends or reimplements some parts of the framework in order to improve the cooperation between the libraries. Primary goal is to create a solution that allows to use all the power of OPL libraries in your ZF application.

Currently, the port provides:

  • Invenzzia_Layout - replacement for the original Zend_Layout optimized for OPT 2.0
  • Invenzzia_Form - extension of Zend_Form that allows to make use of component system from OPT 2.0
  • Invenzzia_Mail - extension of Zend_Mail that allows to generate the message body from OPT templates.
  • Invenzzia_Cache - wrapper for the original Zend_Cache that allows to use it to cache OPT templates.
  • Invenzzia_View - helper subsystem for OPT and a set of helpers, functions and other utilities to use in templates:
    • url() function - integration with router
    • Zend_Translate integration
    • title view helper - generates the title
    • headStyle view helper - manages the style section
    • headScript view helper - manages the script section
    • flashMessage view helper - flash message implementation
    • breadcrumbs view helper - generates breadcrumbs from Zend_Navigation
    • navigationTree view helper - generates various tree structures from Zend_Navigation

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