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Invenzzia services downtime

  • Posted over 5 years ago by Tomasz Jędrzejewski
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For a few last hours some of Invenzzia web services have not been working properly. The reason was our provider who moved us to the new server, and we needed to reconfigure some files. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Invenzzia website

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OPT 2.0-beta3

  • Posted over 6 years ago by Tomasz Jędrzejewski
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The Invenzzia Team would like to announce the availability of Open Power Template 2.0-beta3. The release fixes many bugs found during the last month, plus some older problems. It also introduces an improved section, data format and entity implementations. The packages can be found in our Download page. The current users of the library are pleased to read the release notes before making an update. We would also like to announce that this is the last beta release.

Open Power Template 2.0 projects release

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  • Posted over 6 years ago by Jacek Jędrzejewski
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One again I can say it is true that temporaty solutions can be really solid. About one year ago we created our first website for Invenzzia Group. Very simple, even ascetic - however, it became quite uncomfortable in maintaining and managing the articles and texts. We hope that this new website will be more accessible and simpler in use.

Invenzzia website

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