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Open Power Collector

  • Posted over 4 years ago by Tomasz Jędrzejewski
  • en pl

Today the next library from the OPL3 foundation has been officially released. It is called Open Power Collector and provides a generic data access interface that can be used to build configuration systems or provide various information about the HTTP visit. The initial release contains the core system and a couple of data loaders for configuration purposes (loading from INI, XML and YAML files) and HTTP visit information (host, connection information).

projects release 3.0.1 Open Power Collector

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Open Power Autoloader

  • Posted over 5 years ago by Tomasz Jędrzejewski
  • en pl

The first alpha version of Open Power Autoloader is available to download at Invenzzia. It is the first part of Open Power Libs 3 foundation, which is being redesigned from scratch. The library provides a collection of fast, universal class loaders for PHP 5.3+ compatible with PSR-0 class naming convention. It also demonstrates the new design and organization of Invenzzia projects.

projects release Open Power Autoloader 3.0.1

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