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logo Open Power Libraries

Open Power Libraries is a project of specialized PHP5 libraries to support various frameworks and individual scripts. The design is based on our own experience with other libraries, where the lack of some general idea and vision was visible.

logo Open Power Template

Open Power Template is a template engine for PHP5. Its task is to produce a full HTML code from the script data and ”code templates” that show, how and where put them. OPT has many features not only for programmers, but also for template writers that make this process nice and easy.

2.1 2.1-BETA1 2010-09-03 beta BSD-new
2.0 2.0.6 2010-09-03 stable BSD-new

Open Power Forms

A form processing library integrated with OPT.

Open Power Classes

The new library is planned to be a set of small, useful classes that help other libraries in many common tasks as well as provide generic ready-to-use implementations of some features.

2.0 2.0-DEV1 2009-08-10 experimental New BSD


TypeFriendly is a HTML book and user manual builder. It is written in PHP5 and is based on a very simple and easy-in-use Markdown syntax.

0.1 0.1.4 2010-05-02 stable GNU GPL

OPL for Zend Framework

OPL for Zend Framework is a native port that allows you to use OPL libraries with Zend Framework by Zend Company.

0.1 0.1.0 2009-08-10 beta BSD-new