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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions.

How many libraries are going to be released in the OPL series?

The information on the planned projects can be found in project listing.

What is the release cycle of OPL?

Each library has its own release cycle, because they are developed in different time. As you see, we currently have OPT and OPL core at the beta stage, OPC at the initial coding works and the next library in plans.

Where can I find some help?

There are some places where you can obtain help:

  1. Our discussion board
  2. Our wiki

Just visit them and ask a question or read the tutorials.

Are there any ports for frameworks?

Yes, there are. Invenzzia maintains a complete port for Zend Framework. You can read about it here. There are also community-developed ports for Kohana Framework and CakePHP.

I liked the project. How can I help?

There are many possibilities. You may start looking for bugs and report them in the bugtracker. Send us your feature requests, improvements and even your own code parts. If you make some nice use of the library, try to write an article or tutorial that shows it.

Why the library versions are numbered from 2?

The idea of the project is much older, and in fact, this is a second generation of the OPL project. We decided to give this number to all the libraries just to emphasize this fact. More information on the OPL history can be found on our wiki.