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Below, you can find a feature list of Open Power Template.

Template syntax:

  1. Built-in XML parser that understands the HTML code structure and makes a real use of this.
  2. Scalable XML standard compliance - from the strict following the standards to the quirks mode ideal for processing non-XML documents.
  3. Modern and powerful template language that is something more that just a copy of control structures from PHP with modified syntax.
  4. Advanced support for declarative programming - tell, what you want to see, not how it is supposed to work.
  5. Imperative flow-control structures like loops and conditions.
  6. Sections - an advanced tool for constructing various types of lists, including tree rendering and displaying the data in columns.
  7. A set of tools for template modularization: inclusions and template inheritance (even dynamic).
  8. Blocks - easy-to-write instructions evaluated at runtime.
  9. Components - creating HTML forms with templates never was so easy.
  10. Smart HTML escaping and XSS filtering syntax techniques.
  11. Tools for code reuse - write once, use everywhere.
  12. Template portability - the same template code runs correctly in different places and with different data formats.
  13. Powerful expression engine with support for PHP objects.
  14. Large function set.
  15. Support for multilingual websites.

Library API:

  1. Modern, object-oriented design especially written for the integration with frameworks.
  2. Support for plug-ins and other forms of library extensions.
  3. Advanced error reporting systems.
  4. Extendable template outputs.
  5. Support for various template sources with PHP stream API.
  6. Support for caching systems - however note that OPT does not contain a caching system itself.
  7. Performance - the templates are compiled to PHP code which speeds up their execution. Furthermore, as the compiler is not limited by the readability of the output code, it can perform many optimizations (see benchmark).


  1. A complete, English-language user manual with API reference, syntax description, many tutorials and examples.
  2. Friendly and helpful developers and community.
  3. Mature plans for the future.