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Open Power Libraries is a project of creating a series of creative open-source libraries for PHP5/PHP6 that allow to solve typical (and rare) problems that may occur during the website creation.

Their goals are:

  • Clever design - in order to make the library really useful, it must not be just a set of functions that work in two, three cases and fail in any else.
  • The KISS rule - we assume that simple things must stay simple.
  • The DRY rule - the programmer does not have to repeat the same thing many times, especially an obvious thing.
  • Performance - the libraries must be relatively light in common use and should not waste resources.

The first project of the series is the template engine called “Open Power Template”, already known to many programmers. Currently we are rewriting it from scratch to eliminate the design mistakes and of previous versions and to make it our goal-compliant. We are also starting another two projects: a complex form processing tool “Open Power Forms” and a set of various utility classes “Open Power Classes”.

The first library of the series is a new edition of Open Power Template, a template engine for PHP5 that has been developed for four years so far and can be also downloaded from our website. The other projects include:

  • Open Power Forms - a form processing/data validation tool integrated with OPT.
  • Open Power Classes - a set of supporting classes, including pagination engine and Google Charts API.
  • and other…

The libraries are not developed in a complete separation, although some of them can be used in that way. The project has an objective API that helps in integration and provides a set of common interfaces and classes. Moreover, we take care of performance, which is currently underestimated, in the age of fast computers.