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The main goal of this project is to provide a complete port for OPL libraries to Zend Framework with high degree of integration. It not only extends different parts of the original code, but also replaces some components in order to use the full power of OPL.

Purpose of this port

Zend Framework highly relies on its own solutions and the integration of third party libraries, especially such template engines, as Open Power Template, is not a trivial task unless you want to use only the simplest features. We decided to create a native port that extends and replaces the key components of Zend Framework, so that it can be easily used with Invenzzia libraries.

The project currently focuses on replacing the original view layer, providing a support for Open Power Template. As the next libraries will appear, the support for them will be also introduced.

Current status

The extension is currently available via our SVN. You can check out it with your SVN client.