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TypeFriendly is a HTML book and end-user manual builder. It is written in PHP5 and is based on a very simple and easy-in-use Markdown syntax.

Contrary to other solutions such as DocBook, it provides the complete architecture for writing a modular and multilingual book out of box. Your project can be set up within minutes and you do not have to deal with writing your own documentation framework architecture. Moreover, it offers a nice default book layout. All of the Invenzzia documentations and manuals are written in TypeFriendly.

TypeFriendly is a project of PHP5 documentation generator written in PHP5. The programmers have got two possibilities to make an user manual for their projects so far:

  • DocBook XML that offers an enormous amount of features, but also requires enormous amount of time to built a documentation framework.
  • phpDocumentor and various similar tools based on source code analysis. Their disadvantage is poor support for “free” chapters, not connected with any API element.

Our goal is to create a tool that connects the best ideas from both solutions: rich options and the simplicity of output document generation.