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10. Conclusion

Our photo gallery still needs a comment form, but its structure is very similar to the image upload, so we will not provide it here. Let's see, what we have learned during the project implementation:

  1. We can configure Doctrine and OPT to work.
  2. We can design a database structure in YAML files.
  3. We can create and extend the Doctrine models, using event listeners and automatic accessor overriding.
  4. We have been introduced to the basics of DQL and retrieving the rows with Doctrine.
  5. We know, how to use the model objects to insert new rows to the database.
  6. We have learned, how to work with Doctrine command line interface.
  7. We can work with OPT views and output systems.
  8. We have learned, how to work with XML templates.
  9. We have been introduced to the template inheritance.
  10. We can use sections to display various types of lists.
  11. We can construct dynamic HTML forms with components.
  12. We can use the data formats to improve the portability of our templates and simplify our lifes.

The list is quite amazing, but remember that this article is just the beginning. It is impossible to introduce and explain all the features of such great libraries in just one text. Anyway, I hope that I managed to show the most important issues and encourage you to further experiments with them. I wish you many successful projects with Doctrine and Open Power Template.

Download the photo gallery source code:

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