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Managing XML in OPT

  • Published on 3 January 2010 09:14:00 GMT, updated over 6 years ago by Tomasz Jędrzejewski
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The Open Power Template syntax is based on XML. This leads us to a set of instructions helpful in managing the produced XML code, creating attributes and tags and the whole process is a bit different than in most of the template engines. This article is going to show you, how to use the available tools and how to manipulate the generated output HTML code.

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Open Power Template is one of a small group of template engines that use XML as the base of their syntax. Inspite of many pros, it implies some changes in the HTML code manipulating for the template designer. The syntax must follow the rules of XML, and such things as dynamic attribute generation or changing the tag name must be done differently than in other template engines, like PHP or Smarty. This article is going to help you understanding it and show you many tricks useful in many everyday situations.

Open Power Template 2.0 projects tutorial

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